The HOME GARDENER XL Complete Indoor Garden System

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A complete indoor garden system from Smooth Home Growing

You asked for a larger system, and we listened! For those of you with a bigger indoor footprint in which to grow, we've created The HOME GARDENER XL, a larger version of our original HOME GARDENER indoor garden system. Just like with the original, this turn-key indoor gardening system features the same high-quality products, including Gorilla Grow Tent, KIND LED, Phresh, and Geopot. We're excited to offer The HOME GARDENER XL, our extended version of the complete indoor soil gardening system, nicely sized for indoor home gardening in larger spaces.

From bell peppers to marigolds to basil to you name it--an indoor garden setup can get you growing in no time. Just add soil, plants, water, and get growing!

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The HOME GARDENER XL, a larger version of Smooth Home Growing's complete indoor garden system.


So what's in The HOME GARDENER XL system? Plenty! 

Gorilla Grow Tents are the best indoor grow tent for home growers, and The Home Gardener XL features a 4'x4' tent. A 4'x4'x6'11" Gorilla Grow Tent. Smooth Home Growing tried out a few grow room tents, and we stand behind Gorilla Grow Tents. These are the tallest, thickest, and strongest grow tent available. This is the only height adjusting grow tent available worldwide. We'll only give you quality, and that means Gorilla. No knockoffs.
KIND LED lights are the best lights for indoor gardening and growing, and the KIND LED 5-series XL750 is the perfectly sized light for The Home Gardener XL, a complete indoor soil gardening system from Smooth Home Growing.
A KIND LED K-5 series XL750 light. We're in awe of the revolutionary KIND LED lights, which will produce the biggest and best yields while consuming approximately half the electricity and producing virtually no heat. The XL750 is perfectly sized for The Home Gardener XL complete indoor garden system. Our plants love this light, and we love how small our electric bill is!
Set of EZ Hanger Rope Ratchets to hang the KIND LED lights in The Home Gardener Complete Indoor Grow System.
A set of 1/8" EZ Hanger Rope Ratchets. These have 150 pounds of holding power per pair, and the 1/4" ratchets can support 150 pounds per ratchet. The EZ Hangers feature eight feet of braided nylon as well as carabiner clips for a secure hold. Clip 'em on, and let it grow.
The Phresh carbon filter is the best indoor grow filter, which is why Smooth Home Growing includes it in their HOME GARDENER indoor grow system to keep away unwanted odors and to clean the air.
A 4"x12" Phresh® Filter. The Phresh Filters are state of the art carbon filters that scrub the air clean of dust, organic compounds, and odors. Phresh's exclusive
100% virgin activated carbon charcoal fitting results in a completely neutral air environment. We're suitably impressed with how clean and odor-free these filters make the air.
This inline exhaust fan is included in the Smooth Home Growing HOME GARDENER indoor garden system. A 4" Hurricane inline exhaust fan. This commercial-grade high-performance inline exhaust fan is so quiet, we barely notice when it's on. Made of steel--quality UL listed components--and with a durable powder coated finish. Quiet. Effective. Reliable. Did we mention quiet? Shhh....
Six inch clip-on fan is included in the HOME GARDENER, the best indoor grow system by Smooth Home Growing.
A 6-inch circulating fan. We know from experience that appropriate air flow is essential to eliminate mold or mildew and to minimize potential bug problems. This fan is strong enough to create that gentle air flow that's needed, plus, it's quiet. We like quiet.
A hygro-thermometer to check temperature and humidity in The Home Gardener Complete Indoor Garden System. A hygro-thermometer to help keep the correct temperature and humidity in your indoor garden, protecting plants from becoming too cold or overheated, and from the development of mold or fungi. Easily check comfort conditions at a glance with this indoor humidity gauge and thermometer combo.
The Smooth Home Growing HOME GARDENER indoor grow system includes the best air-pruning grow pots we could find: Geopots. Six 5-gallon Geopots. Geopot is a durable and breathable fabric plant container that air prunes plants' roots, allowing the plants to be more efficient in taking up water and nutrients. Air is easily allowed into the root zone, and the fabric provides great drainage. Although this tent system can take up to eight plants, we've found from experience that four plants in 5-gal pots work best for this system--no overcrowding, good air flow, and a wide and strong root ball.
14 inch round saucers, strong and durable, for use in the HOME GARDENER, the best complete indoor grow system by Smooth Home Growing. Six 14" sturdy round saucers for under the Geopots. Made of durable, hard plastic. Washable and reusable. 
100% organic Oregon pumice included in the HOME GARDENER complete indoor soil grow system, by Smooth Home Growing. Six 32-ounce bags of 100% organic southern Oregon pumice. We worked with a soil scientist to determine that a layer of pumice between the fabric pot and the saucer creates a better breathable air flow and has better drainage than a ridged saucer. 
100% organic worm castings from Sonoma, California, are included in the HOME GARDENER complete indoor grow system by Smooth Home Growing. Six 16-ounce bags of 100% organic worm castings from Sonoma, California. We encourage you to buy the best quality organic potting soil you can find, then top-dress the plants with the worm castings as a supplemental nutrient at 30-day intervals (about 1-2 inches).
A soft, non-abrasive mesh trellis to protect stems, vines, and foliage is included in the HOME GARDENER complete indoor soil grow system by Smooth Home Growing.
The Grower's Edge® Soft Mesh Trellis Netting, 5'x15' w/3.5" squares. Not all plants need a trellis, but we've found that for most of what we grow, this soft, non-abrasive mesh helps support our vine, flowering and vegetable plants. Trellising plants helps create an even canopy, equal light distribution and absorption.

One package of soft twist tie garden wire, to help keep plants sturdy when trellising. The gentle covering over the wire won't bite into woody stems. 

One moisture meter, to ensure you aren't over or underwatering your plants. So easy to use, and an essential tool, in our book.

A 10 outlet surge protector power strip for the HOME GARDENER indoor gardening soil system by Smooth Home Growing. A ten-site surge protector to keep your system safe.
We all know electrical imbalances caused by power surges, lightning, and even switching on and off your workshop tools can cause cumulative, permanent damage to your valuable equipment. This industrial power strip provides clean, safe, and balanced power from 10 grounded outlets. 
Timing is everything. This adjustable timer is easy to program and ensures a proper amount of light for vegging or flowering stages. Now, even in the middle of winter, you can have the beauty of spring or the harvest of fall.
Other electrical components include one GFCI plug adapter to keep your system safe—PLUG IT IN! It’s super easy to operate and an absolute must-have for eliminating electronic malfunctions that may occur whenever water is adjacent to electrical components. We’ll say it again: STAY SAFE! We also include one Tri-Adapter to make plug-ins easy, plus one fan controller. 
Ducting for proper ventilation of The Home Gardener, the best indoor grow system by Smooth Home Growing. Flexible aluminum foil ducting, foil tape, and clamps for proper ventilation flow. Keep your indoor garden and all its components healthy and happy.
Want to raise the roof? Consider adding on an optional additional two feet of height to your tent with Gorilla Grow Tent's 2' extension kit--that's up to nine feet of growing room height! Be sure to choose the correct size: click HERE for the 4'x4' size tent.