Gorilla Grow Tent Original starting at:

  • $235.99

Be King of your indoor jungle with the best indoor grow tent

When looking to purchase the best grow tent on the market, Smooth Home Growing says there are many reasons Gorilla Grow Tent is the best choice. Gorilla Grow Tent only uses top grade materials and implements innovate design in every product. Gorilla is simply the best grow tent on the market because it is the tallest, thickest, and strongest grow tent available. Thickest, because when it comes to the fabric making up the tents' exterior, Gorilla Grow Tent has the densest fabric available and is fully lined with diamond reflective material. Tallest, because the best grow tent on the market has an adjustable height of nearly 10ft tall, giving your plants added valuable FEET of grow space. Strongest, because Gorilla Grow tents metal construction and interlocking assembly also makes for the sturdiest and strongest frame design on the market.