Let's Get Growing

Smooth Home Growing provides their complete indoor soil and hydroponic systems and grow support services to beginner through expert level Growers and Gardeners.  We focus our support with Home Growers, Schools, Senior Citizens, Senior Homes, Patients and Survivors, veterans, collectives and Grocery Store Chains.


School Indoor Gardens: Sustainable Indoor Growing and Education

Smooth Home Growing School Grow Support Set Up and Onsite Growing Education


Senior Citizens and Senior Home Horticulture: Indoor Gardening Therapy Grows

 Indoor Growing has many therapeutic benefits for Seniors and Senior Homes

Veteran Indoor Gardening Programs

EAS will operate as an urban farm that will provide temporary, transitional housing while using horticulture therapy, along with medicinal cannabis and other natural remedies, to help Veterans transition back to life in the civilian world

Cancer Survivors and Patients Horticulture Therapy

There are a tremendous amount of therapeutic benefits for cancer survivors and patients through Indoor Gardening