Our Story

Paul, Smooth Home Growing's founder, grew up in the foothills of the majestic Colorado Rockies, hiking and camping in and around the rugged mountains and verdant spring fields, which gave him a deep respect for ecology. Work and family brought him to Northern California’s foothills, where he found inspiration gardening in the rich soil, amid towering pines and lush oak canopies. The necessity of being tuned to nature, the value of working with one’s hands, and the responsibility to do one’s best to live organically and sustainably are part of Paul’s core values. These deep-rooted beliefs brought Paul on a journey from working in the recycling and composting business to working with one of the largest and most successful independently owned soil companies in Northern California for the last twenty years.

Along with his rich growing history and soil knowledge, Paul has added indoor growing to his repertoire and has enthusiastically helped friends, family, and neighbors enjoy the fruits of their labor with his guidance and expertise. In fact, his friends and family found Paul so excited about growing indoors and with the best equipment on the market, that they encouraged him to put his knowledge of soils, indoor growing equipment, and his passion for gardening to use by building an indoor gardening business.

Smooth Home Growing came about as a way to help indoor gardeners find the best products and use the methods to find success in their gardening. Urban gardeners, apartment or condo residents, chefs and home cooks, schools and youth programs, retirement homes and complexes, acupuncturists and naturopaths, people with medical conditions, florists, orchid and bonsai hobbyists, can find success growing indoors, year-round. It’s surprisingly easy and smooth to grow indoors. Paul looks forward to bringing the same joys and successes he brought to his friends and family to you and your indoor garden. 
Happy Growing!