Senior Citizens and Senior Home Horticulture Therapy Grows

Senior Citizens and Senior Home Horticulture Therapy Grows

Smooth Home Growing and our Growhoppers serves seniors and people with disabilities in the community. The goals of creating community indoor gardens for seniors and those with disabilities are to increase motor, cognitive and psychological functions. Smooth Indoor Growing creates social and inter-generational gardening activities and increases the nutrition of participants through daily access to fresh organic produce. Smooth Indoor Growing also empowers seniors and people with disabilities through experiencing the pride of successful gardening and working with others in the community to produce beautiful and bountiful gardens.

SHG's Complete LED Soil Grow Systems include: garden planning, soil preparation, propagation, transplanting, container gardening and growing organic vegetable and flower starts for the home and market. Seniors also have the ability to participate in activities using plant material in cooking, artistic displays, and crafts. See below for a list of current classes being offered by our affiliate growing gardens.

Seniors and individuals with disabilities may experience improvements in several different areas through the Horticultural Therapy Program:

  • Cognitive - offers new skills and/or the opportunity to regain past skills, increase attention to task and concentration, make decisions and follow directions.
  • Physical - provides exercise focusing on both gross and fine motor skills.
  • Psychological - gives an individual a sense of worth, promotes nurturing attitudes and taking responsibility for something.
  • Social - increases/improves social interaction with others and working toward common goals


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