The HOME GARDENER LITE Tent and Light Indoor Garden Combo Package

  • $995.00


A Grow Tent and Light Combo Package from Smooth Home Growing

Already have all the extras, or need just an additional tent and light combo for an existing indoor garden? Smooth Home Growing is happy to offer The HOME GARDENER LITE--a tent and light combo package that comes with a set of hanger rope ratchets. 

This tent and light combination is the best price and quality you will find online.  You need to look no further to get growing than Smooth Home Growing!

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The HOME GARDENER LITE by Smooth Home Growing features a Gorilla Grow Tent and a KIND LED L600 light to make the best indoor grow tent and light combo.


What do you get in The HOME GARDENER LITE? Only the best!

The HOME GARDENER LITE by Smooth Home Growing features a Gorilla Grow Tent, the best indoor grow tent for home growers because of their durability and quality.
Choose between a 2'x4'x6'11" or a 3'x3'x6'11" Gorilla Grow Tent. Smooth Home Growing tried out a few grow room tents, and we stand behind Gorilla Grow Tents. These are the tallest, thickest, and strongest grow tent available. This is the only height adjusting grow tent available worldwide. We'll only give you quality, and that means Gorilla. No knockoffs.
The HOME GARDENER LITE indoor grow tent and light combo by Smooth Home Growing features the best indoor grow light: a KIND LED L600 grow light.
A KIND LED K-3 series L600 light. We're in awe of the revolutionary KIND LED lights, which will produce the biggest and best yields while consuming approximately half the electricity and producing virtually no heat. Kind LED lights use only about half the electricity as an HPS light and produce much more yield per watt. Our plants love this light, and we love how small our electric bill is!
A set of 1/8" Hangar Rope Ratchets are included in The HOME GARDENER LITE tent and light combo by Smooth Home Growing for indoor gardening.
A set of 1/8" EZ Hanger Rope Ratchets. These have 150 pounds of holding power per pair, and the 1/4" ratchets can support 150 pounds per ratchet. The EZ Hangers feature eight feet of braided nylon as well as carabiner clips for a secure hold. Clip 'em on, and let it grow.


Want to raise the roof? Consider adding on an optional additional two feet of height to your tent with Gorilla Grow Tent's 2' extension kit--that's up to nine feet of growing room height! Be sure to choose the correct size: click HERE for the 2'x4' size tent or HERE for the 3'x3' tent.